How it's working

Currency exchange is just three steps

registration is free and non-binding!!

1. User registration

* select  the type of account - private, company or exchange office

*  enter your e-mail address

*  enter the password and confirm the password (passwords must be the same)

*   accept the terms and conditions

*  write the code from the picture and click  "save"

An activation link will be sent to your e-mail, click on it, the account is active.

Log in to the exchange office using your e-mail as your login and confirm with your password.

You are logged in

In the customer panel, click "Your data" and fill in your personal data and personal accounts.

2. Funds deposit - top up the wallet

To top up your wallet choose:

*  "Deposit funds"

*  the currency or PLN that you want to deposit

*  the account from which you will make the payment

* the amount you want to deposit

Then click "show transfer details"  and we will see the details of the exchange office to top up the wallet.

(You log in to our bank's website, complete the data, enter the amount you want to deposit in wallet and make the transfer. The funds on your wallet will appear when we register the payment to your account)

3. Exchange transaction

To make a transaction, select ;

* your account number to which the exchange is to deposit the currency or PLN after the transaction

Enter the amount of currency you want to buy/sell

Click "Approve the transaction" or wait for the exchange rate that is convenient for you


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